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Frequently Asked Questions

How reservations and deliveries of our cars are made

How is the reservation payment made?

The vehicle reservation must be processed through the web. It is possible to pay 30% of the reservation and even 100%. On the other hand, the deposit will be blocked upon delivery of the car. The forms of payment are: Card, Transfer and Paypal. We accept the main international credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

How soon do we validate your reservation and send the car?

A maximum period of 24 hours. Once the payment of the reservation is made, we will notify you by email of your reservation.

How is the car delivered?

On the date and time chosen in your reservation. We also give you the option of delivering the car to another place, once the rental is finished you can also choose to pick it up wherever you indicate. Ask us about our home delivery and collection rates and enjoy only the experience and luxury of driving.

How do we validate your reservation?

You will receive a notification verifying the reservation data.

How long does it take to deliver the car?

Depending on availability and chosen delivery times.

Contact to return the car

Upon signing the contract, the delivery method is set.

Car return status

Same state of delivery by the company. The car will be checked once the client returns it and in the event of any damage, an invoice for damage will be presented and therefore be deducted from the deposit.

Deposit refund

If it is by card (TPV blocking) automatically, and whatever the bank takes. In cash, at the time of delivery of the vehicle by the customer.