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How reservations and deliveries of our cars are made

The vehicle reservation must be processed through the web. There is the possibility of paying 30% of the reservation and even 100%. On the other hand, the deposit will be blocked upon delivery of the car. The payment methods are: Card, Transfer and Paypal. We accept the main international credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express
A maximum period of 24 hours. Once the reservation has been paid, we will notify you of your reservation by email.
On the date and time chosen in your reservation. We also give you the option of delivering the car to another place, once the rental is over you can also choose to have it picked up wherever you tell us. Ask us about our home delivery and collection rates and enjoy only the experience and the luxury of driving.
You will receive a notification verifying the reservation details.
Depending on availability and delivery times chosen.
At the signing of the contract, a delivery method is set.

Same status of delivery by the company. The car will be checked once it is returned by the client and in case of any damage, an invoice for damages will be presented and the deposit will be deducted.

If it is on the card (POS lock) automatically, and how long will the bank take. In cash, at the time of delivery of the vehicle by the customer.

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